sets ego aside to heal & uplift

The intense celestial energy of unconditional love which came through, assisted me in braking new grounds. The transmission of Love was extraordinary and lasted for several days. Personality and ego is set side so celestial beings can heal and uplift you through their LOVE for humanity.

Dr. Gabriele Hilberg
Ph.D., MFT Psychologist

masters at channeling messages we need to hear most

A master at connecting with Angels, Masters & Guides and channeling the messages that we each need to hear most. A truly rare gift, the words which come through resonate at a profound level.

Lynn Kirkham
TEDx Speaker Coach & Founder, YesYouCanSpeak!

deeply committed to healing & transformation

Anthony & Renee are a beautiful balance of the professional high quality offerings we all dream of, married with the depth of true spiritual experiences. They’re deeply committed to helping you heal and transform.

Merrily Black
Connecting Souls International

safe & enlightening on so many levels

The energy that resonated from this experience was safe, enlightening and comforting on so many levels.  What an amazing gift!  

Chris Robinson
Founder, MartialWay Kungfu

on a clear mission to serve

Both Anthony & Renee have an incredible gift of really seeing and holding you, and are on a very clear mission to serve with love and purpose!

Klaudeen Shemirani
M.A, SoulBody Wisdom & Rituals

holds a powerful container for miracles to unfold

The love and presence that I felt was palpable.  Renee and Anthony hold a powerful and safe container for miracles to unfold.  I feel awakened and amplified, grateful to have been part of such an intimate and spirit guided intention.

Sarah Cruse
Singer & Healing Artist

connecting with spirit is so healing

To connect directly with Spirit & have questions answered you’ve been wondering about for a lifetime is powerful.  I highly recommend anyone who wants a deeper spiritual connection to work with them.”

Natalie Petouhoff
VP of Fortune 500 Company

at the forefront of spiritual evolution

Renee and Anthony are at the forefront of the evolution of spirituality. Together, they are a beautiful balance of the professional high quality offerings we all dream of married with the depth of true spiritual experiences. Both are deeply committed to their path of helping you heal and transform. It is rare to encounter the level of love and service they bring to their work.

Merrily Black
Connecting Souls International

creates a sacred space

Renee & Anthony create a safe & sacred space for connecting to the Other Side to receive powerful healing messages. I wish their events were held every week!

Tariq Jalal
Medical Device Company Engineer & Yoga Teacher

opens your heart

All I can say is wow — I left with an open heart & more grounded connection towards my spiritual evolvement! The environment was warm and welcoming and the messages received were loving and profound.

Jennifer Sanchez
Dance Teacher & Producer

extraordinary & otherworldly

The ability to connect to & channel High Lightbeings is extraordinary and otherworldly. Experiencing Spirit through them is not to be missed.

Deborah Stuart
Founder, HighChi, LLC

explorers of both physical & spiritual worlds

Renee and Anthony are inspiring explorers of both the physical and the spiritual worlds.  They open our eyes to experiences that we would not have without their guidance.  I have always believed that we are all connected by a higher level of energy and they bring us into contact with it.

Steve Huggins
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