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Renee Blodgett is co-founder of Blue Soul Earth. She is a Spiritual Intuitive and her meditation is connecting to nature and breathing into it as often as she can. Trees, rivers, lakes and oceans are her biggest allies. She feels very connected to the Earth, Gaia energy as well as ancient traditions and wisdom from Shamanism, Native Americans and Buddhism.

Prior to leading a business centered on spirituality and consciousness, she brings over 25 years in start-up entrepreneurship, events, marketing and branding. Renee runs operations and strategy for Blue Soul Earth, which includes creating and managing content, curating spiritual trips and retreats, marketing, and acting as a vessel for Spirit while Anthony is in a trance state and channels the Other Side. She is also a certified Reiki practitioner, and is passionate about crystal grid therapy as well as the healing powers of gemstones and nature.

As founder of both Magic Sauce Media, a strategic communications consultancy and We Blog the World, an online lifestyle magazine dedicated to Transformative Travel, she has garnered kudos and accolades from renowned pioneers in the industry. Renee was ranked a top Social Media influencer by Forbes for two years in a row, selected as a Top 70 Digital Leader by the United Nations & served as a Smitty Awards Judge for Travel & Leisure.

She has collaborated with brands, authors, healers, entrepreneurs and artists across the U.S. Europe, Asia, Africa & the Middle East. As a spokesperson and brand ambassador, she has appeared on and in Good Morning America, USA Today, Hollywood Reporter, Wall Street Journal, Travel & Leisure, Digital Hollywood, Just Breathe Magazine, BBC, CBS, Huffington Post, NPR, Fox News & others.

Having lived in 11 countries & traveled to nearly 90, she is passionate about other cultures. Her travel site We Blog the World was ranked #4 on Feedspot’s Top Luxury Travel Blogs and #21 out of over 500 travel sites on Everything Everywhere’s Influencer list. We Blog the World has partnered with Wisdom 2.0, Berlin’s Healing Summit, Gathering for Humanity, New Living Expo, Travel Adventure Show and the New York Times Travel Show.

Renee has served on numerous advisory boards, including BlogHer, the largest blog network of women in the world, PopTech, a non-profit committed to social impact, Shocase, a global social network for the creative industries and Transformative Technology Lab, which helps engineers, scientists & entrepreneurs create new tools for the well-being of humanity. Inspired to make a positive impact on the world through social good, Renee is also a curator of TEDxBerkeley, one of the largest TEDx events in the country and spearheaded content for TEDxUNPlaza, the only TEDx event held at the United Nations.

Prolific on social media, you can follow her travel world @weblogtheworld and her foodie world @luxuryfoodies as well as her work with her twin soul Anthony @bluesoulearth on both Twitter and Instagram.


Anthony Compagnone is co-founder of Blue Soul Earth. Guided by Spirit for as long as he can remember, he kept his most powerful healing gift as a spiritual trance medium at bay until the second half of his life. Today, he connects directly with the Spiritual Realm to serve others, relaying healing messages and guidance from Spirit Guides, Masters, Teachers and other Spiritual Beings to help people on their Soul’s Journey.

Raised as an Italian catholic, he is now passionate about breaking down the barriers between structured and traditional religious dogma and pure spirituality. Anthony and his twin soul strive to embrace all spiritual walks and beliefs as long as they are serving the highest possible good for humanity. It is not unusual to find them both buried in books on Buddhism, Wiccan, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Shamanism all in the same week.

Anthony is also a certified Reiki practitioner, a long time Vinyasa yogi and often meditates in their mystical garden where Buddha, humming birds and their crystals & gemstones dominate the space. Anthony has a number of Martial Arts accreditations and specializes in Kung Fu and Chinese Kempo, where he is licensed to teach self-defense techniques. He is a Sifu in Dan Black Belt Chinese Kempo and Black Sash in Shippalgi Korean Kung Fu, a Master of Iron Palm Training, as well as a Martial Arts Specialist in Combat Sports, Physical Fitness and “Prana Yama” The Art of Breath Control”. Also a big fan of Qigong, he taps into some of its best practices to ground himself and stay centered before and after his spiritual work.

He is also the Editor of Culture & Language for We Blog the World. Anthony contributes to We Blog the World, Blue Soul Earth and Blue Soul Travel on spirituality, wellness, food and wine.

Passionate about linguistics, he speaks five languages: English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Italian. Well versed in semantics and cultural code switching, he is able to assist others on their paths so they can better integrate into new societies, whether that be for a trip or relocating to a new area.

For over 20 years, Anthony has been a bilingual speech and language pathologist and therapist who helps people with their speech and language needs in both New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area. He is the founder of Speech Synergy, a leading speech pathology and therapy consultancy that serves private clients in northern California. Anthony is a credited SLP-CCC through the American Speech & Hearing Association.

As part of his esteemed history and credentials as a language therapist and speech expert, Anthony contributed bilingual and bi-cultural linguistic/semantic data for Bilingual Children’s Enterprises in New York, where he served as an adviser for the release of Tipi Tom Tales, a documentary and series focused on children and language. He has also studied Turkish, German, Classical Latin Grammar and Literature and loves a great class of Cabernet Sauvignon over dinner. You can follow him on Instagram @kungfutraveler and his work with his twin soul Renee @bluesoulearth on both Twitter and Instagram.

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